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Service Pricing


Cost: $35.00 (min. labor charge/stage)
We charge labor for each stage; parts kits charged as needed. We can call you first, if requested, to discuss exceeding your pre-authorized limit.

BCD Annual Service

Cost: $35.00
We charge a minimum labor fee; parts kits charged as needed. Bladder repairs are extra charge.

Hydro Static Testing

Cost: $25.00
Scuba cylinders, by federal law, require this test every 5 years. SCBA or fiberglass wrapped tanks are $30.00.

Visual Inspections

Cost: $25.00/$65.00 Doubles
Scuba cylinders require a visual inspection each year to ensure safety. (Included air fill)

Eddy Current Test

Cost: $10.00
Required for older cylinders annually.

Scuba Cylinder Tumbling

Cost: $65.00
A process to remove interior surface corrosion.

Scuba Cylinder Cleaning

Cost: $50.00
We can perform basic to oxygen cleaning on all types of cylinders. It is recommended that Nitrox cylinders be re-cleaned after using non-E quaility air and after their 5 year hydro.

Dirty Scuba Cylinder & Valve O2 Cleaning

Cost: $85.00
Cleaning cylinders not previously O2 cleaned or contaminated with NON-E quality air. 

Oxygen (O2) Cleaning

Cost: $85.00
Equipment coming in contact with greater than 23% Oxygen needs to be O2 cleaned. (Includes valve service)

Valve Service

Cost: $35.00
Hard to turn or leaking valves need service also. We recommend valve service during the hydro inspection.

BCD Bladder Repair

Cost: $35.00+
Accidents happen and things get dropped on your BCD causing holes in the bladder. Let us take care of it for you.

Work Bench Fee

Cost: $20.00+
The minimum fee charged for any minor repairs, tweaking or cleaning. Also includeds battery replacement. 

Gear Assembly

Cost: $35.00
Equipment items not purchased from us. 

Brands Serviced In-House

  • Atomic Aquatics
  • Cressi-Sub
  • Dive Rite
  • Hollis
  • Oceanic
  • OMS
  • Sherwood
  • SpareAir
  • TUSA
  • Zeagle
  • Poseidon

All other brands we will gladly deliver to other brand specific service centers. It is always in your best interest to contact us first to make sure there is a local service center. 


Expedite Fee

Need your gear back fast? We charge a $50.00 expedite fee per system.

Special Notes

  • DACOR gear cannot be accepted as parts are no longer available
  • UWATEC equipment has a 90-day turnaround for service
  • All scuba equipment has a service life. Contact us to talk about our trade-up program.