• Key Largo Underwater Research Seminar 2023

Key Largo Underwater Research Seminar 2023

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of scientific diving? This seminar allows each student to gain hands-on experience performing underwater research data collection like that used in scientific research diving. Each diver will learn how to deploy and recover a baseline. They will also learn to use the Reef Check process for invertebrate and substrate survey, the Reef process for roving fish survey, and the Coral Watch process for coral health assessment. 

Starting from

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Trip Information

  • Dates: September 14-17, 2023
  • Price: $850 per student
  • Deposit: $200 (required to reserve space, Non-Refundable)
  • Trip Leader: Paul Washington, Jr. 


  • AOW or equivalent
  • EANx or equivalent
  • Rescue or equivalent
  • Current EFR or DAN BLS (within the last two years)
  • Proof of 25 dives (50 is recommended)
  • Good buoyancy

Price includes

  • 3 and a half days of instruction
  • Data collection materials
  • 2 days of classroom time
  • 2 days of diving (1 day of boat dives and 1 day or shore dives)
  • 3 days of lunch
  • Water bottle
  • Shirt
  • Gratuities for dive crew

Price does not include

  • Lodging
  • Airfare
  • Transfers/transportation
  • Additional dives
  • Meet & greet dinner
  • Meals other than lunch on days 1-3
  • Incidentals: laundry, etc.
  • Equipment rentals
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Dive Insurance: REQUIRED


1. Day 0: Homework

  • Dive board development
  • Reef Check material
  • Fish Identification material
  • Coral Health material
  • Invertebrate material
  • DAN eLearning classes (Dive Boat Safety Best Practices and Emergency Planning for Divers)
  • Meet & greet night

1. Day 1: Classroom

  • Admin: Lunch orders, put name on water bottle
  • Review Emergency Oxygen, CPR, and First Aid
  • Review Navigation techniques
  • Review Data Collection methods
  • Fish Identification Test
  • Invertebrate identification 
  • Coral health monitoring
  • Equipment Preparation: buoy markers and student collection boards
  • Review search videos
  • Review DAN Emergency Planning

3. Day 2: Jules

  • Survey site
  • Laying baseline
  • Substrate survey
  • Recover baseline

4. Day 3: Boat Charter (full day)

  • Data Collection scenarios
  • Dive 1: Lay baseline and set Survey Teams, Origin and End Point Teams, and Measuring Tape Team
  • Dives 2-6: 5 teams rotating through each role of Fish ID Team, Invertebrate Team, Substrate Team, Coral Health Team, and Peer Evaluation and Boat Video Team
  • Dive 7: Recover baseline

5. Day 4: Classroom (half day)

  • Review Data Collection
  • Review Student Videos
  • Review Team Evaluations

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