Thank you for trusting us to service your dive equipment!


Our Service team can help with all your service needs. Most services can be done in-house and if not, we are able to deliver it to the correct local shop for a $10 fee. Our Service team also teaches the Equipment Specialist course to help you learn how to take care of your equipment and how to service basic needs and repairs. Check out our schedule to learn how to service basic needs on your own equipment. 



Brands Serviced In-House

Atomic Aquatics, Cressi-Sub, Dive Rite, Hollis, Oceanic, OMS, TUSA, SEAC, Zeagle, and Poseidon 



Cost: $35.00 (per Stage) *O2 cleaning $50 (per Stage) *Inspection $10 (per Stage)

We charge labor for each stage; parts kits are charged as needed. We can call you first, if requested, to discuss exceeding your pre-authorized limit.


BCD Annual Service

Cost: $35.00
We charge a minimum labor fee; parts kits are charged as needed. Bladder repairs are an extra charge.


Visual Inspections

Cost: $25.00/$65.00 Doubles
Scuba cylinders require a visual inspection each year to ensure safety. (Includes air fill)


Scuba Cylinder Tumbling

Cost: $65.00
A process to remove interior surface corrosion.


Scuba Cylinder Cleaning

Cost: $50.00
We can perform basic oxygen cleaning on all types of cylinders. It is recommended that Nitrox cylinders be re-cleaned after using non-quality air and after their 5-year hydro.


Dirty Scuba Cylinder & Valve O2 Cleaning

Cost: $85.00
Cleaning cylinders not previously O2 cleaned or contaminated with NON-E quality air (Includes valve service).


Oxygen (O2) Cleaning

Cost: $65.00
Previously cleaned cylinders coming in contact with greater than 23% Oxygen needs to be O2 cleaned after hydro (Includes valve service)


Valve Service

Cost: $20.00  (O2 valve service additional $15.00)
Hard-to-turn or leaking valves need service also. We recommend valve service during the hydro inspection.


BCD Bladder Repair

Cost: $35.00+
Accidents happen and things get dropped on your BCD causing holes in the bladder. Let us take care of it for you.


Work Bench Fee

Cost: $20.00+
The minimum fee is charged for any minor repairs, tweaking, or cleaning.


Gear Assembly

Equipment items not purchased from us can be assembled for $20.00


Blending Fee

Cost: $20.00*
*Additional fee will be charged for Nitrox blends outside of our banked blends: 32% & 36%. This also includes Tri-Mix blends.

Computer Pressure Test and Battery Change

Cost: $40.00


Expedite Fee

8-14 Days: $40

3-7 Days: $50

2 Days: $75


Special Notes

DACOR, US DIVERS, and AERIS gear cannot be accepted as parts are no longer available.

All scuba equipment has a service life.